Have you seen personal alarms worn on the wrist or perhaps as a pendant around the neck? Designed for comfort, simplicity and discretion, most users wear their pendant all the time, night and day.

Choose a personal alarm pendant that is waterproof for use in the bath or shower. Many personal alarms work within a set range from a base unit with 24-hour monitoring, 365 days a year. The alarm user presses a large button if they fall or feel unwell at home.

24hr, seven days a week Monitoring.

Care teams work 24 hours a day, every day of the week, 365 days a year, to ensure that alarm users can rely on support. Pressing the button on the pendant – or the base unit – alerts the care team. A carer will use the base unit loudspeaker to ask the alarm user what has happened. The loudspeaker on the alarm system base unit is loud!

Appropriate actions are taken immediately.

Typically the care team call either the alarm users contacts or the emergency services or straight away. Every alarm user has a list of family members, friends, neighbours or local community support services team member contacts.

Whenever the alarm user requires more urgent attention, the alarm response team will call an ambulance — immediately calling for emergency help if there is no response from the alarm user. Holding the alarm user’s medical history on a system allows the alarm response team to pass paramedics information.

Personal Alarm Must-Haves.

In the past, personal alarms were bulky and heavy. Modern must have alarms weigh about the same as a watch face. The popular alarms can be worn with pride in multiple ways, as a bracelet, necklace or broach.

Alarm users know that waterproof pendants for bath or shower are vital. Bath and shower rooms can be very slippery. Wet floors are a common cause of falls and accidents.

Back-up batteries provide essential power during unexpected power cuts. Many personal alarms hold a 40-hour charge and range up to 100m outside and throughout the home.

Installing the alarm takes just minutes. A personal alarm is for peace of mind and can make such a difference to a personal sense of security and peace of mind. Remaining comfortable at home is a priority for personal alarm wearers.

How Personal Alarms Can Help.

Many people over 65 suffer a fall. The fall itself might not cause any ill effects, but people who live alone can experience hours, or days, without help. Experiencing feeling vulnerable and scared can lead to anxiety and the consequences of trauma.

Although personal alarms are made specifically for older people living alone, anybody can benefit from the safety and peace of mind. Personal alarms are handy for those who live alone and all those with disabilities.

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