What are the key skills of a good carer? If you are looking for care for a friend or relative, you want the right person. High-quality carer all poses specific attributes. Some of them may seem obvious, but it’s nice to have a handy list.

People rely on their carer every day, so choosing the right home carer is essential. Care work is challenging. It has personal rewards for those who love their work. To be the best possible carer requires specific characteristics.

Empathy and respect

Empathy and respect allow carers to show kindness and compassion. People who need care might sometimes feel confused. Some everyday tasks might be a challenge. A carer who can connect with others can help them. Some of the best carers understand the emotion attached to facing a new reality.

Showing respect allows carers to connect with people as individuals, not just as clients who need care. As people start to need care, fresh in their memories are the days when they were able to do everything themselves.

Reliable and patient

There are many reasons to be reliable, but for carers, the consequences of failing in their duty of care can be harmful. Carers are responsible for providing food, drink and medication. Everything must run smoothly, and carers must meet appointment times. Carers must also offer quality references that show a track record of excellent timekeeping.

As well as the ability to manage time, excellent carers are also patient. Calmly handling each situation without fuss or resentment has to be the usual way to manage even the most frustrating of circumstances. The elderly can make some simple tasks difficult to complete. Memory lapses may happen, and mood swings can also be a problem. A good carer can recognise the signs and handle each situation with understanding.

Cheerful and happy

Suitable carers have smiles for everyone to light up the room when they walk through the door. For people who have care at home, a low mood can lead to further complications, so their carer should be someone who makes people feel happy.

Changing mental and physical health can make some people challenging. Carers with a bright and cheerful approach can make eating meals, accepting water and taking a bath just a simple part of a fun routine. Being able to gain trust and cooperation can go a long way to making care straightforward.

 Practical and Observant

As carers help with personal care such as using the toilet or wound dressing, they need to be capable of tackle all duties without fussing over unexpected scenarios. Each great carer can handle the sights and smells of bodily fluids and bodily functions without ever making anyone feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Picking up on signs such as a decrease in appetite, rapid weight loss, weight gain, increased confusion, changes in mood, or irritability can help to spot underlying problems. Excellent carers know how to report, monitor carefully and seek help as appropriate.

Caring, experienced and qualified.

Carers who care enough to make difficult tasks a rewarding part of their day know that their job isn’t just a job. Caring must never be a burden or a struggle. Therefore they need supervisors who can remind them of the best bits of their day. Excellent carers genuinely love what they do.

As well as a great personality, excellent carers are experienced and qualified. Or if not, they need to work alongside someone who is until the right level of expertise is achieved. For example, if a carer has proved that they have the right attitude with high dependency physical care, then perhaps they are ready to gain experience alongside someone who has experience caring for the elderly with dementia.

Experience and personality can overcome a lack of qualifications on paper – but they are essential for patient safety. There are many care courses and different capabilities as well as qualifications, so references and a full up to date CRB/DBS check are the first starting point.

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