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When you ask questions about caring for someone at home, it helps us understand your care needs and plan the care with you. Everyone is different, and everyone has different care needs. We thought you might like to know more about some of the issues. We hope the explanations help you understand some top frequently asked questions about home care.

The most frequently asked home care questions are about money. It’s a difficult one to include on this page. Some people pay privately. For others, it’s the national government and local government policies that determine the level of care funds available. We can answer your questions in more detail while you prepare your care plan. There are various ways of paying for home care, but understanding the different options of care provision can seem very daunting at first. We provide information and signpost you to appropriate people to help

Decide what you think you need in your care plan. Keep a note of the best things that work well for you each day. Make a note of things you would like to change. At regular intervals, we will review and update your care plan with you.

All our carers are employed directly by us. Constant monitoring of the quality of the service you receive ensures we deliver on the care plan we set in place together. We look for the right individual carers for your needs. When we recruit new staff, we take up a minimum of two written references. Each carer also needs to complete a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) background check. And we also establish that the people are legally entitled to work in the UK. We provide comprehensive insurance.

We set out the appropriate levels of training, experience or nursing standards required in your care plan. Setting the right training and skill level for potential caregivers is very important. A proper induction and training take place in your home for whatever care needs are specific to you. Regular training updates are also important. All caregivers receive a regular review from a supervisor.

Providing care for you or your loved ones starts by ensuring and encouraging a friendly rapport between you and the carers you choose. We introduce you to the carers before they start working with you.

If you can alert us by phone, then we will immediately cover the call and keep you advised at all times. If your loved one has difficulties with communication, there are call tracking and monitoring systems we can put in place. There are lots of ways to plan just in case. We will discuss your needs and make the right provision with you.

We want to do whatever we can do to make every day less stressful and provide as much independence as you choose. Whatever you think is beneficial to your wellbeing is important to us. When cooking is part of your care plan, we will cook your meals. We get to know your dietary likes, dislikes and needs and write those into your care plan. And make a note of your birthday, other birthdays, friendship days, anniversaries and times when you might need to plan something just a little bit special.

Our principal concern is your needs and wishes, so if you need some regular light domestic cleaning, then we will add the time to your care plan.

Everyone is different. Some people like to live with others in social environments. Some people prefer their own space at home. Home care works in many different ways. Each person’s case is different with unique preferences, physical needs and life experiences. Care at home should be as tailored as possible to your requirements.

For more information about Local Homecare services, please contact Local Homecare today, simply call us, email us or fill in our contact form and a member of the team will be in touch.

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